Electronic reviews


Boston, MA, USA. August 14 1998

Axmarck – Zyncama, self-released CD
Hey now! I just finished saying how hard it is to be original these days … Axmarck has definitely taken his influences to different places. The 10 instrumental gems on Zyncama can be described … but it will be difficult! Imagine a new age sound, somewhat like Vangelis or Tangerine Dream, mash it all up and squeeze it together with the instrumental attributes of Type-O Negative. Getting the picture?

Axmarck has managed to inject just enough bite into these new age bad boys to juice them up a notch and pop them right out of all your expectations. I can’t say much more about this CD except that I listened to it at least 10 times already.

The CD is cleanly produced and was done by our friends at Prophet Media Group in Stoughton, MA. The booklet and art is superb, and the descriptions of each song’s title were extremely interesting. A zyncama is apparently a hexagonal shape drawn in a single stroke and creates the illusion of two mirrored triangles. Its musical connotation involves a polyrhythmic percussion pattern accompanied by a counterpoint melodic pattern, each complimenting the other. Whew!

One song of note is “Bengali” because it features the Oompa Loompas from Willy Wonka singing in Japanese after having smoked a ton of crack. Well, maybe not.


Peter B. Cermak, Idrijska 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. March 6 1998


Thank you very much for two CD’s Zyncama by Axmarck. I found the music very complex and diverse but in the same time very melodic and with rich electronic sound textures. I think there are some influences of classical music, more melodic records by Tangerine Dream and also Yanni, Vangelis and Schulze.

I’m sending to you the playing list of my radio show in February ’98. One CD is gave away to the first listener which sent the correct answer that the artist Axmarck is from Iceland. But anyway only one answer was correct. This is all for now.


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